Starry Eyed And Laughing
                    Iain Whitmore - War Cries Line
Iain Whitmore's unreleased 1982 solo album ‘War Cries’, re-mastered for CD from the original stereo tapes,
is now available exclusively on this website.
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In 1982, Iain Whitmore was pretty disillusioned with the music business.
Having left SE&L in '76, he'd formed the excellent Kites and just missed out on a new CBS record deal for internal company reasons. He'd toured and made an album with the short-lived Violinski, released a couple of singles (now collectors' items) and recorded an album - 'The Angel Changes Shape' - that disappeared unreleased in another production company's bankruptcy.
   Thus it was, he took up the offer to record a new album with a minimal budget for the new venture of that company's MD - 'Hope Springs Eternal' as the song goes - and 'War Cries' was painstakingly made over 26 days that summer on Tony Poole's TEAC 3440 4-track.
   Alas, the minimal budget turned out to be zero, and that company too disappeared, so this release offers the first opportunity to hear Iain's wonderful songs.