Starry Eyed And Laughing

August 2022

With the LP version of 'BELLS OF LIGHTNING' on the way, but still in the pressing plant queue, we are planning some full band gigs when it's finally arrived !

Meanwhile, Tony Poole & Iain Whitmore are doing a gig as a duo at the wonderful Betsey Trotwood on Sat 24th Sept, together with Richard and Patrick from the brilliant The Hanging Stars

To book your place, please email:
with Seeing Stars in the subject field.
Once you get a confirmation email, all you have then do is turn up on the afternoon in question with £15 cash on the door.
Do let them know if you decide to drop out at any point as we expect the gig to sell out and there will be more than likely a waiting list.

Sounds by Bucketfull of Brains' Nick West

Full details above in the Poster by the great John Hurford

We look forward to seeing you there.

October 2021
Due to Brexit, please allow up to 21 DAYS for delivery
We will refund any Duty or Taxes

Now Available !    Click here for details ...
Love | Song

11 covers of songs by some of our favourite artists

Love | Song

August 2021
A Brand New Album of Original Songs
Click here for details !

October 2019
Any new release by Malcolm Morley is a cause for celebration ...
So we're thrilled to announce his new album to be released on October 14th 2019
on AURORA - Click here for details and to Pre-Order !

July 2019
Well - it's been a LONG time since we posted any news here !

But here it is - at last - the STARRY EYED AND LAUGHING Rockpalast TV appearance in a beautiful Box Set containing a DVD and Audio CD of the full show plus a Bonus Audio CD - Click here for all the details !

April 18th 2018
Starry Eyed And Laughing - Forever Young - Back in Stock !

Forever Young Track List:
1. Forever Young
2. I'm So Restless
3. Miles Away
4. Dancing Slow
5. Givin' You The Blues
6. Another You
7. Jet Plane Rider
8. 4 + 20
9. (Just Like) A Weepy Movie

10. Lay Down Your Weary Tune
11. Propinquity
12. I Thought I Was A Child
13. In The Madness (Electric Version)
14. So Tired
15. He Was A Friend Of Mine
16. Strangers All Over Again
17. Meet Me Lord (At The Bottom Of The Hill)
18. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

        Preview 'Forever Young' on YouTube here

October 25th 2017
Some words about MICHAEL WACKFORD,
our fantastic and extraordinary drummer

Unique and passionate human being who we lost on this day in 2016.
Mike Wackford and Barbara

"Outside of the astrology, Mike was a Drummer. Not just a drummer, but a brilliant Drummer.
The energy he had, the timing, the rhythm, the intensity, he was spellbinding in his heyday.
ln the 70's he was in a band that had considerable commercial success.
That band was Starry Eyed and Laughing

A Photo tribute to Michael on Youtube
- click to hear 'To Try For The Sun'

MICHAEL WACKFORD: February 6 1953 - October 25 2016

October 28th 2016
     Previously unreleased, live, radio sessions & alternate recordings
     Release Date : 18th November 2016

Click for all the Details Click for all the Details

In anticipation and advance of our new album of all original songs coming in 2017, we announce - with the greatest sadness that Michael is no longer with us - the release of this CD of previously unreleased recordings - click above to see all the details and Pre-Order at a reduced price - many thanks ...

     Dedicated to MICHAEL WACKFORD
      February 6 1953 - October 25 2016

October 25th 2016
We're devastated at the loss today of MICHAEL WACKFORD, our fantastic and extraordinary drummer. Unique and passionate human being.

MICHAEL WACKFORD: February 6 1953 - October 25 2016

October 2016
'FOREVER YOUNG' now available for Digital Download on

Buy 'Forever Young' on CDBaby (best for us !)
Buy 'Forever Young' on iTunes  Buy 'Forever Young' on Amazon

The Digital version includes 'Echoes' - previously only available on the limited edition vinyl single (now sold out)

CD still available here - with booklet and lots of info !

Forever Young

August 2016

Very proud to announce the release of the full 10 track version of Katie's album in a shrink-wrapped Full Colour 4 panel Digipak with spine !
Featuring new mixes with full band of classic songs by Neil Young, Lucinda Williams, Seal (the other one) and The Beatles amongst others, and including her stunning version of 'Cry Me A River', and Nick Holland's song 'Can't Carry On'
Featuring Tony Poole on Rickenbacker 12string and harmonies, with Special Guests Nick Holland on Keyboards,
and Chris Baylis on Fender Strat guitar.

Katie Humble with Tony Poole : True To Your Soul
Also available now as Digital download on :



March 2016
These 2 Peter O'Brien CDs are now just £5 each + Shipping !

Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies Junked Cars & Beat Up Guitars

February 2015
Starry Eyed And Laughing - 'Forever Young' Vinyl Single !
Forever Young Single
We're proud to present in association with Shagrat Records
a VERY LIMITED EDITION 7” Vinyl Single of
Forever Young’ b\w ‘Echoes

The flip side track of Gene Clark's classic 'Echoes'
is another only recently discovered recording from before
SE&L's 1st CBS album - remixed and mastered
exclusively for this single - read all about it here !
Forever Young Single
October 2014
Starry Eyed And Laughing - Forever Young and Gig News !

Forever Young Forever Young has arrived, and all the pre-orders have shipped - many thanks to everyone for their kind comments - we'll be posting them soon ...

Preview the title track 'Forever Young' on YouTube here

We're thrilled to be playing at Peter 'Omaha' O'Brien's 75th Birthday Musical Extravaganza in Leytonstone on Dec 7th 2014
- check out the Gig News for details !
September 2014
Starry Eyed And Laughing - Forever Young

Forever YoungArriving 1st October ! Click here !
Many thanks to all who've pre-ordered, and thanks for your patience !

Track List:
1. Forever Young 2. I'm So Restless 3. Miles Away
4. Dancing Slow 5. Givin' You The Blues 6. Another You
7. Jet Plane Rider 8. 4 + 20 9. (Just Like) A Weepy Movie

10. Lay Down Your Weary Tune 11. Propinquity
12. I Thought I Was A Child 13. In The Madness (Electric Version)
14. So Tired 15. He Was A Friend Of Mine
16. Strangers All Over Again 17. Meet Me Lord (At The Bottom Of The Hill) 18. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Preview 'Forever Young' on YouTube here
July 2014
Starry Eyed And Laughing - Forever Young

Forever YoungA brand new collection of tracks comprising songs recorded before Starry Eyed And Laughing's first official LP, together with Radio Session tracks.

Featuring versions of Dylan's 'Forever Young', after which this collection is appropriately titled, Michael Nesmith's 'Propinquity' and Roger McGuinn's 'I'm So Restless' amongst others.

Preview 'I'm So Restless' on YouTube here

December 2013
Starry Eyed And Laughing's 2 albums Now Available as Digital Downloads with bonus tracks on iTunes and Amazon !

Starry Eyed And Laughing on iTunes Thought Talk on iTunes The eponymous 1st album with 3 bonus tracks :
'Chimes Of Freedom'
'Strangers All Over Again'
'Meet Me Lord (At The Bottom Of The Hill)'

and the 2nd album 'Thought Talk' with 3 bonus tracks :
'Song On The Radio'
'Can't Help But Love Her'

October 2012
Cooper Black - Milestone Road Cooper Black - Milestone Road    Available to buy now on this website !

West Oxfordshire's finest alt band release their 2nd album - produced by Tony Poole,
on the AURORA label.
Featuring songs by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Robert Palmer, Slim Harpo, Al Wilson, Mike Heron of The Incredible String Band and Mike Scott of The Waterboys, they weave a potent and mysterious twist of the unexpected around everything they play ... you won't hear a more unusual version of "It's Not Unusual", and you may begin to understand why they called their 1st album 'It Doesn't Go Like That'
AURORA AUR11 - Released 7 Oct 2012 ... Check out some tracks and videos here ...

September 2012
Nelson Bragg Tony Poole played at Nelson Bragg's UK Album Launch on 23rd Sept 2012
with fellow Beach Boys band members - the amazing Probyn Gregory and Scott Bennett
at WHAT'S COOKIN' in London
Check out Nelson's fantastic record here ...

Also playing was the amazing Duncan Maitland
          check out his wonderful new album here ...

and the incredible Paul Steel

Click here to see some videos of the show on Youtube !
Duncan Maitland
August 17 2012
Click to read all about it ! ... Peter O'Brien - 'Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies'
Check out the new Reviews in Maverick and Old Ben's Newsletter !
Many thanks to everyone who's bought and taken the time to comment on the album !

You can also buy the CD or Digital download at the brilliant CDBaby
     Buy directly in the USA and save International Mail costs ! CD Baby
June 2012
Click to read all about it ! ... Peter O'Brien - 'Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies'

It's here ! Available to Order now !

And it's already No. 1 in the charts !

Peter O'Brien's 2nd Album has made No. 1 in the Roots Music Report International Radio Airplay Charts. That makes 2 out of 2 following his Xmas 2009 No. 1 with Junked Cars & Beat Up Guitars. Many thanks to Ernie Hopseker and the wonderful Ocean Beach Radio
May 2012
Click to read all about it ! ... Peter O'Brien - 'Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies'    Available to Pre-order now !

CD Release date: 11 June 2012

Peter O'Brien's follow up to his critically acclaimed 2009 debut, Junked Cars & Beat Up Guitars, is Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies, a 71 minute tour-de-force which features a stellar cast of musicians including Dan Dugmore, Butch Hancock, Wes McGhee, Dave Batti, John Hoke, Thad Beckman, Andrew Combs, Spencer Cullum Jr., Jeremy Fetzer, Rory Hancock, Katy Fachorn and Ed Boggs.
Three years down the road from his 1st album, Peter is ready to take his listeners on another musical journey. You're invited to join him. No passport required.
November 2011
Click to go to Shagrat Records Mad River-Jersey Sloo    Available to buy now on the Shagrat Records website !

Beautiful Limited Edition 12" Vinyl EP with a 12” x 12” 36pp, full colour, mini-coffee table book featuring a 26,000 word history of the band written by Ugly Things journalist David Biasotti, revealing many unknown stories and details about this legendary, Berkeley-based quintet.
The book is profusely illustrated with many photos and other memorabilia which have never been seen before, and tells the band’s remarkable history, how they were involved in the emergent long hair counter-culture and the movement against the Vietnam War (then at its height), their relationship with the Diggers and the Hells Angels, the Beat Poets and most interesting of all their friendship and collaboration with the late writer Richard Brautigan.

December 2010
Click to go to Shagrat Records The Darrow-Mosley Band:Desert Rain EP
Beautiful Limited Edition (just 499 copies - and destined to be extremely rare !) 10" Vinyl EP featuring 3 recordings by the legendary short-lived band formed by Chris Darrow of Kaleidoscope & Bob Mosley of Moby Grape

Featuring Frank Reckard on guitar, Johnny Craviotto on drums, Loren Newkirk on keyboards
and backing vocals by Claudia Lennear and Jennifer Warnes
With spectacular psychedelic cover art by the legendary John Hurford
Available to buy now on the Shagrat Records website

October 2010
Click to read all about it ! ... STARRY EYED & LAUGHING - First ever release of a live gig !
Disc 1:
 The Amazing Zigzag Concert Box Set of 5 CDs  

Includes a stunning version of 'Chimes Of Freedom'
Melody Maker wrote: "This triumphant day began around four with an ovation for the bill-openers, the very groovy Starry Eyed & Laughing ... They'll go far, as has been writ"

CLICK HERE for details !
August 2010
Click to read all about it ! ...   The Amazing Zigzag Concert   - A set of 5 CDs, recorded live at Zigzag magazine's fifth anniversary concert, held at The Roundhouse on Sunday afternoon and evening, 28 April 1974, complete with a 32 page booklet celebrating the occasion.

Pre-release orders are now being taken here Road Goes On Forever Records
for this LIMITED EDITION (only 2000 copies) that won't be available in the shops !
STARRY EYED & LAUGHING, CHILLI WILLI & THE RED HOT PEPPERS, HELP YOURSELF, JOHN STEWART with ARNIE MOORE & PETE THOMAS and, topping the bill, MICHAEL NESMITH with RED RHODES - over 4 hours of incredible music never before released !
CLICK HERE for details and to Reserve your copy ! Coming Autumn 2010 !
June 2010
Click to buy ... Aurora Sampler Volume 1 - 14 song CD featuring tracks from the albums available on this website by Starry Eyed & Laughing · The Falcons · The Sun · Iain Whitmore
 · Peter O'Brien  · Katie Humble and including
- legendary founder of The Long Ryders and alt-bluegrass sensations The Coal Porters

April 2010
Click to read all about it on Jawbone site ... A fabulous and beautiful new book by Tony Bacon about the Rickenbacker 12-string Guitar
has just been published by Jawbone Press ..... Check it out here !
Incredibly researched and detailed, with hundreds of rare pictures, and featuring interviews with all the legendary artists who've played this unique guitar, including Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Peter Buck and of course, the genius who started it all, George Harrison, the book charts the history of Rickenbacker from its very beginnings to the present day, and includes authoritative information on every model ever made.
Tony Poole, who plays a 1967 Jet-Glo 330-12, is thrilled and honoured to have been interviewed for this definitive book, and to be in such illustrious company

March 2010
Check out the photo pages - this ones's in Gallery 3 ... New ! Photo Pages - Over 100 images in 7 Galleries - Click here to check them out ...

January 2010
Click to read some great reviews ... New Steeleye Span Album - 'Cogs, Wheels & Lovers'
- co-produced, mixed and mastered by Tony Poole

Maddy Prior, Peter Knight, Rick Kemp, Liam Genockey & Ken Nicol
- Steeleye Span's longest-serving line-up have released their 21st studio album
Visit Park Records for details
Dec 2009
 Junked Cars & Beat Up Guitars is Xmas No.1 in Roots Airplay Chart week of 25 Dec 2009 - view here !

Junked Cars Review in Maverick   Review of Junked Cars & Beat Up Guitars in Maverick Magazine

Click to read the Maverick Review
Sept 2009
Junked Cars & Beat Up GuitarsPeter O'Brien - poet, songwriter and former editor and publisher of the legendary rock magazine
'Omaha Rainbow' - has released his first album
- Junked Cars & Beat Up Guitars
- recorded and produced by Tony Poole, who also plays and sings harmony on the album
available exclusively on this website
- check out all the details here
 Read IAN TYSON's and TOM RUSSELL's comments here   and  Reviews here 
            Recommended by Byrds Flyght    
    Available here: 'Junked Cars & Beat Up Guitars' - Aurora AUR06
July 2009
All Their Best ‘All Their Best’ is a brand new 20 track compilation released on the Broadside label through
(Sold Out) featuring the worldwide debut of 2 previously unreleased live tracks
'He Was A Friend Of Mine' and 'You Ain't Goin' Nowhere'
Thanks ! to R. E. Jones at Amazon for this review:
'Listening to this cd compilation brings back to me what amazing musicians they were and how strong their material was. If you love the Byrds or the Jayhawks or R.E.M or any band of that type then you'll love SE&L too. do yourself a huge favour. buy this record.'
January 2009
The Sun New Album now available ! - click here for Sales details

Click this button    THE SUN micro-site   for info, music, lyrics and photos ...
Tony Poole and Iain Whitmore from Starry Eyed And Laughing formed THE SUN
with Nick Trevisick, and 'Start The Countdown' features 11 re-mastered tracks
December 2008
The Falcons:Fallen - Click to go to the Sales page THE FALCONS CD ‘Fallen’ is available here, with free shipping worldwide
Special Thanks to Roger McGuinn, founder of The Byrds for his comments:
I've listened to "Fallen". The cover looks like a scene from "Chestnut Mare".
You're right, it's mostly country.
It's Gonna Rain Soon’ is exceptionally good. Great production, amazing compression and technique on the Rickenbacker, good vocals. Makes me want to record something like this myself! - All the best, Roger
10 Nov 2008
Pete Frame's The Restless Generation Pete Frame has written a fantastic new book called 'The Restless Generation'
Subtitled 'How Rock Music Changed the Face of 1950s Britain', it's an incredibly detailed, superbly written, funny, breathtaking widescreen account of the emergence and rise of British rock music from the first stirrings of skiffle to the breakthrough of such global stars as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
It's already been voted Music Book Of The Year
Available on Amazon here
06 Oct 2008 - Upcoming gigs with Abbie Lathe and tp & woodman - see Gig News
· New Press pages - Reviews\Articles from now and then · History now complete ...
05 Oct 2008
Iain Whitmore:War Cries - Click to go to the Sales page
 Iain Whitmore's unreleased 1982 solo album War Cries is available re-mastered on CD
 Check out the story and hear some samples here
01 Jul 2008 - Maddy Prior's album 'Seven For Old England'
·  Produced and mastered by Tony Poole, marks a return for Steeleye Span's Maddy Prior to her traditional folk roots, and is now available on Amazon.
01 Jun 2008 - Starry Eyed & Laughing meet The Long Ryders
· Check out Tony Poole's "1966" remix of of his pal Sid Griffin's 'I Tell Her All The Time' here
Sid recorded the track live at a concert in Spain in January '08, and TP added harmonies, bass, drums
and his 1967 Rickenbacker 330-12 thru the amazing Janglebox

28 Jul 2007
· Tony Poole's new version of 'Bells Of Rhymney' is on Spotify
Thanks to Eric Sorensen for this review:
'Bells Of Rhymney' – Tony Poole. Wow! Tony’s terrific version of this song brings back the emotions that I felt when I first heard the Byrds’ version of this song in 1965. The guitar work and the vocals are superb.