Starry Eyed And Laughing
Released 14th October 2019

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Produced by Malcolm Morley
Mixed & Mastered by Tony Poole
Cover Photo by John Hurford
Thanks to Nigel Cross for the sleeve notes

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Malcolm Morley - Infinity Lake
Any new release by Malcolm Morley is a cause for celebration.
  And this latest set has a particularly satisfying significance as it celebrates his 50th year in the service of rock and roll.
  Malcolm’s first musical steps into the public eye came as the leader and chief songwriter of Help Yourself, and it was with them that Morley made his mark, recording four albums for UA (and a posthumously released fifth one) between 1971 and 1973. Ignored by record buyers at the time, there are now many here among us who believe these albums rank as some of the most musically enduring and unique releases of their era.
  Post-Help Yourself, Malcolm played with a diverse array of musicians including Bees Make Honey, Wreckless Eric, Kirsty MacColl, and Man, long-lived Welsh rockers whom he has recently re-joined.
  The songs on this new CD started to flow after a bout of illness over the winter of 2017/18. As you will hear he entered a truly fruitful period, the new cuts popping out at regular intervals and each quite as potent as the one before.

  And what a batch of goodies, they have turned out to be. Something of a return to the backwoods American feel of his 70s work but most of them have a tougher, bluesier and funkier edge, given further impact by Malcolm’s deeper, gruffer vocals, not quite Dr John or JJ Cale but boy, do they suit these new tunes.
  Sound-wise with the sizzling organ and his newly-acquired Telecaster on some of the songs they suggest vintage Band or even the Dylan of Highway 61 Revisited and Tempest.

  Ten choice cuts which showcase just what a talented musician and writer Mr Morley was and continues to be.

  It would be churlish to pick out any favourites, I’ll leave that pleasure to you dear listener. But if you do need proof that Malcolm is at the very top of his game, look no further than the magisterial title track – a sweeping, epic piece de resistance, which to these ears ranks as possibly the greatest moment of his musical journey so far.
   Bursting with eloquent, emotive couplets, this soulful outpouring takes us through the very heart of darkness to a place of peace and redemption, the jewel in the crown of this magnificent collection of songs. Malcolm has never been one to rest of on his laurels and ‘Infinity Lake’ continues that tradition.

  I hope you will enjoy the record as much as I am doing.
Nigel Cross, London 2019