Starry Eyed And Laughing

               The Falcons: Fallen
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The Falcons - Fallen Cover One of 2 albums made by Tony Poole & Iain Whitmore in the times between
Starry Eyed & Laughing's 2nd album,
and 'Bells Of Lightning':

'Fallen' is now available on
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Many thanks to Roger McGuinn of The Byrds
for his comments:

I've listened to "Fallen." The cover looks like a scene from "Chestnut Mare."
You're right, it's mostly country.

It's Gonna Rain Soon’ is exceptionally good. Great production, amazing compression and technique on the Rickenbacker, good vocals. Makes me want to record something like this myself! - All the best, Roger
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Soaring vocals, cascading showers of electric 12-string guitar. A real beauty.

             - David Biasotti (of the wonderful and legendary Maxfield Parrish)