Starry Eyed And Laughing
                              Iain Whitmorelinepixel

Iain is the bass player, singer, songwriter who was a vital part of the original Starry Eyed & Laughing from 1974-76, and who reunited with Tony Poole for Starry Eyed's acclaimed 'Bells Of Lightning' album in 2021.

Iain's new solo album is available here:
        **Among The Living**

Before Starry Eyed, Iain had played in Patches (with Leo Sayer), who recorded a single for Warner Bros.
After a chance hearing of a SE&L tape at the office while waiting to audition for Dorris Henderson's Eclection - who shared their management - he went on the road with them for 2 weeks, learned the songs and joined the band.

Having left SE&L in '76, by 1982, Iain was pretty disillusioned with the music business. He'd formed the excellent Kites and just missed out on a new CBS record deal for internal company reasons.
He'd toured and made an album with the short-lived Violinski, released a couple of singles (now collectors' items) and recorded an album - 'The Angel Changes Shape' - that disappeared unreleased in another production company's bankruptcy. (We're hoping these tracks will see the light of day soon).

Thus it was, he took up the offer to record a new album with a minimal budget for the new venture of that company's MD and another solo album - 'War Cries' - was painstakingly made over 26 days that summer on Tony Poole's TEAC 3440 4-track. Alas, the minimal budget turned out to be zero, and that company too disappeared. An updated and re-mastered 'War Cries' is in the pipeline !

Since then, Iain has reunited with Tony Poole - gigging as a duo throughout the 80s and early 90s, as a trio with Nick Trevisick in The Sun who released one single at the time, and have since had a remastered album released on Aurora (details on this site), and in The Falcons with one album 'Fallen' - now available on  Bandcamp

In the 90s and early 2000s, Iain worked as a musical director, bass player and actor at The Chicken Shed Theatre Company.  

In 2024, a brand new solo album is available here !
        **Among The Living**