Starry Eyed And Laughing
                              To Try For The Sun
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Aurora AUR18 18th Nov 2016 Single CD in shrinkwrapped Digipak
20 tracks comprising 6 previously unreleased songs (5 covers - 3 from the earliest days of the group and 2 favourites from the live sets - plus one original song) & 14 alternate recordings of songs from the 2 CBS albums.

‘When You Walk In The Room’ & ‘For What It’s Worth’ are live recordings from a Capital Radio session in 1974.

‘Lady Came From The South’ is a very early demo recorded by Steve Hall at his Maplewood Studios - featuring TP and Ross, with Steve on Bass and Percussion.

‘Closer To You Now ?’ and 'Money Is No Friend Of Mine’ are tracks recorded for Southern Music, and feature Nick Brown on Drums.

‘Going Down’, ‘Oh What ?’, ‘Everybody’ & ‘50/50 (Better Stop Now)’ are CBS recordings prior to sessions for their 1st album, and feature Nick Brown on Drums.

‘Nobody Home’, ‘Down The Street’, ‘Fool’s Gold’, ‘Thought Talk’, ‘Don’t Give Me A Hard Time’ & ‘Flames In The Rain’ are studio recordings from various radio sessions.

Feb 6 1953 - Oct 25 2016


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To Try For The Sun
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  1  To Try For The Sun (Donovan)  Unreleased recording
  2  When You Walk In The Room (Jackie de Shannon)  Live radio session
  3  Echoes (Gene Clark)  Unreleased recording
  4  For What It's Worth (Stephen Stills)   Live radio session
  5  Old Compton St. Blues (Al Stewart)  Unreleased recording
  6  Going Down (Ross McGeeney)  Alternate recording
  7  Nobody Home (Tony Poole)  Unreleased radio session
  8  Closer To You Now ? (Ross McGeeney)  Alternate recording
  9  50/50 (Better Stop Now) (Iain Whitmore)  Alternate recording
10  Lady Came From The South (Tony Poole)  Alternate recording
11  Down The Street (Ross McGeeney)  Unreleased radio session
12  Good Love (Starry Eyed & Laughing)  Unreleased radio session
13  Money Is No Friend Of Mine (Tony Poole)  Alternate recording
14  Everybody (Ross McGeeney)  Alternate recording
15  Fools' Gold (Iain Whitmore)  Unreleased radio session
16  Thought Talk (Tony Poole-Iain Whitmore)  Unreleased radio session
17  Oh What ? (Tony Poole)  Alternate recording
18  Don't Give Me A Hard Time (Ross McGeeney)  Unreleased radio session
19  Flames In The Rain (Tony Poole)  Unreleased radio session
20  Sea Comes At Its Edges (Tony Poole)  Unreleased recording