Starry Eyed And Laughing

               Characters - Pre \ Post Recording
Steve Hall (Photo:Bob Parsons) Steve Hall    ·    Band Member: August - December 1973
Vocals, Bass Guitar, Percussion, 6-string Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Steve Hall had been part of Richmond, a duo who'd released an album called "Frightened" in 1973 on the Intercord label. He met the band - then only a duo - when they recorded in his studio, and joined for a few months before returning to it fulltime, now called Bellvoice - a successful studio in London. Check out his astonishingly faithful re-creations of classic pop and rock tracks - he's a genius
Nick Brown (Photo:Bob Parsons) Nick Brown    ·    Band Member: September 1973 - June 1974
Nick Brown had been a member of Carillon, a psychedelic folk-rock band based in Potters Bar. He was introduced to Starry Eyed And Laughing - by this time a trio - through his father, Murray Brown, who owned Belltime - their first booking agents.

Roger Kelly Roger Kelly    ·    Band Member: December 1975 - April 1976
Vocals, 6-string Electric Guitar
Roger Kelly had been a member of August, with Iain Whitmore and Michael Wackford when they were teenagers on the South Coast of England. He joined Starry Eyed on their return from the USA, when McGeeney had departed - SE&L thus effectively became August with Tony Poole.
Roger went on to form Streetband with Paul Young, and co-write their hit 'Toast'.