Starry Eyed And Laughing

               Characters - Production
    Special thanks to all these folk who worked so hard behind the scenes with such good grace ...
  • Bob Parsons
    Bob produced their first recordings, two of which are featured on the re-mastered Double CD. Bob, Ross & Tony were at the legendary Byrds Tea Party at the Roundhouse in London as schoolkids, and it was Bob's ingenuity that got them into The White House Hotel where David Crosby - incredibly - graciously gave up an hour to chat about all things Byrds & Beatles, and Eminor chords.
  • Dan Loggins
    Songwriter and musician from LA who was Head of A&R at CBS UK during their most commercially successful period in the '70s, Dan produced both the 1st and 2nd albums with typical elegance and thoughtfulness, and continued to champion the band right to the end. Yes, brother of Kenny ...
  • Flo & Eddie
    Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan of The Turtles flew to London to produce the band's last tracks for CBS. Wonderful singers, and as charismatic in real life as on stage, they also proved masters of the recording studio, where sessions rang with laughter amid surreal scenes.
  • Bill Aitken
    Superb BBC engineer who the band drafted in to record their 2nd album after his great work on their first John Peel session. Poole and Whitmore later played and sang on his solo album (with Kim Turner on drums) financed by Yes's management.
  • Mike Ross-Trevor
    Superb engineer at CBS Studios, London - Mike had recently recorded The Byrds' Farther Along (for which a copy master of Mr. Tambourine Man had been flown in for reference). He diligently, and to the band's awe, retrieved it from the basement archive to compare and match the Rickenbacker 12-string sound, using his own expertise to craft all the other great sounds on the first album.
  • Mike 'Clay' Stone (1951 - 2002)
    Engineer at Trident Studios who mixed the Thought Talk album - master of the door-sized speakers and the '60s phasing technique using 2 tape machines.
  • Gary Lyons
    Creative, good-humoured engineer at SARM Studios for the Thought Talk overdub sessions.