Starry Eyed And Laughing

               Characters - Support
    Special thanks to all these folk who supported and championed the band in so many ways ...
Barry Ballard Thanks to Barry for the great liner notes on the new Double CD Re-issue  
Peter O'Brien Songwriter, poet and founder\editor of legendary rock magazine 'Omaha Rainbow'  
Johnny Rogan Rock historian and authority on The Byrds    
Dilly Thrower Beauty to the Beats ...    
Jan Hodson Jan, Sue and Anne probably came to more gigs than any fans of any artist ever    
Sue Biggs    
Anne Way    
Jeff de Noronha Enthusiast & Rickenbacker 370-12RM Collector    
Anthony Pepitone Songwriter whose 'New Orleans' was part of early live sets  
John Eichler Manager of the Hope & Anchor - London    
Dave Stopps Owner of the legendary Friars - Aylesbury    
John Curd London Promoter of The Roundhouse    
Chris Hutchins Booked the band many times    
Matt Sztumpf Agent at Panda    
Lucy Clee Great Singer-Songwriter and PA at Panda Writers  
  Went on to form Kites with Iain Whitmore Fred Dellar  
Radio   Geoff Brown  
Robbie Barish Capital Radio - London Steve Clarke  
John Peel BBC Radio One Harry Doherty  
Anne Nightingale BBC Radio One Nigel Cross  
Sarah Ward Capital Radio - London Bill Henderson  
Andy Finney BBC Radio London Max Bell  
Steve Jones Radio Clyde - Glasgow Mike Cable  
Alan Freeman BBC Radio One Steve Simels  
Wim Kerkhof Radio Rijnmond - Netherlands Bert Muirhead  
Barnes Newberry Superb DJ - My Back Pages John Platt  
    Allan Jones  
Record Company   Mick Houghton  
Roslav Szaybo CBS UK Art Director Vivien Goldman  
Tom Sheehan CBS Photographer and fine badge maker Fernando Naporano  
Sally Shephard CBS UK Press Office Robert Pally  
Jonathan Morrish CBS UK Press Office Eric Sorenson  
David Demers Columbia USA Press Office Colin Larkin  
Lem Lubin CBS UK A+R Man (ex-Unit Four Plus Two)    

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Dilly - Photo:Tony Poole