Starry Eyed And Laughing

               Characters - Promotion
    Special thanks to all these folk who worked so hard behind the scenes with such good grace ...
  • David Griffiths - 1948-2014
    Personal Manager who signed the band to Panda, and whose energy and incredible attention to detail ensured their rapid development from duo to fully fledged touring and recording group.
    We were devastated to lose David in 2014.
  • Norman Lawrence - 1940-1998
    Business Manager and owner of Panda - ahead of its time production company - Norman, who tragically died in 1998 from leukemia, was one of the genuine good people, and is sadly missed.
  • Pete Frame
    Founder of the pioneering rock magazine 'Zigzag' and creator of the 'Rock Family Trees', master calligrapher and author who's probably charted more of the tricky intricacies of 'the star maker machinery behind the popular song' ('Free Man In Paris' - Joni Mitchell) than anyone on the planet. Official manager for the summer and autumn of 1975, just before and during the US Tour, though he'd been effectively championing the band unofficially from almost the start.
  • John Tobler
    Prolific author, larger-than-life, charismatic CBS Press Officer who promoted the band with great success, and who wrote the perceptive sleevenotes for the 1st album. Coincidentally had attended the same school as McGeeney, Poole, Parsons and Fradley - just a few years earlier.
  • Chris Gilbert
    Originally head of Panda's Agency division, took over as manager for the last months.
  • Murray Brown
    Owner of Belltime Agency, whose hard work helped them establish such a reputation as a live band.
  • Dick Asher
    Managing Director of CBS Records UK - one of the few to emerge with any grace and integrity from 'Hit Men' - Fredric Dannen's inside story of payola in the record business in the '70s
  • Gary Haber
    Head of All-Arts Presentations, Inc., Gary helped rescue the tour Columbia had organised (in its loosest sense) and fumbled.