Starry Eyed And Laughing

               Characters - Crew
    Special thanks to all these folk who worked so hard behind the scenes with such good grace ...
  • Bob Parsons
    Technical genius schoolfriend of McGeeney and Poole, Bob Parsons not only engineered and helped produce their first recordings, he went out as sound man for the quartet's first month on the road, while holding down a full-time job.
  • Gerry Fradley
    Another schoolfriend, poet Gerry Fradley served the longest as the band's road manager and monitor engineer, from early gigs to the end. A man of infinite patience and quiet wisdom.
  • Dave Chambers
    With his dry humour and unruffled Nottinghamshire accent, Dave Chambers brought a calm presence as road manager and sound engineer to their most hectic, madness-filled gigging period.
  • Wayne Bullus
    Larger-than-life and fiercely loyal, Wayne was road manager\sound man for 10 months, and will forever be remembered for his classic quote "It's my job to look after the good reputation of this band, and I'll knife anyone who says anything against them !"
  • Ralph Weller
    Laconic and street-wise, Ralph Weller was road manager\sound man during their initial forays into Gig-land, with equipment that often required supernatural powers to work, and in vans that broke down, usually in Swindon.
  • Nick Murray
    Ever-resourceful US Tour Manager - his contacts book and '60s Buick Skylark helped turn around what was shaping up to be a major disaster ... into a minor situation comedy.
  • Peter Lappas
    Native American Peter drove the converted Trailways People Carrier with a million miles on the clock called Midnight Flyer, that served as their HQ and mobile hotel for the first month of the US Tour ... until it broke down for one last time in New York State ...
  • Gordon Cree
    Childhood friend of Poole and McGeeney, a guitarist with a fine country voice who'd gigged with Ross, and who helped out as road manager in early days.