Starry Eyed And Laughing
                       That Was Now And This Is Then - Double CD
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Worldwide: Aurora AUR02 November 2003 Double CD
Contains the original albums and Starry Eyed singles, plus bonus unreleased tracks
   CD 1 1974 LP Starry Eyed & Laughing
  1. Going Down R.McGeeney
  2. Closer To You Now R.McGeeney
  3. Money Is No Friend Of Mine T.Poole
      Original un-edited version
  4. Lady Came From The South T.Poole
      Longer fade with guitar solo
  5. Oh What ? T.Poole
  6. See Your Face McGeeney-Poole-Whitmore
      Single B-side version
  7. Nobody Home T.Poole
      LP version
  8. 50/50 (Better Stop Now) I.Whitmore
  9. Living In London McGeeney-Poole
10. Never Say Too Late I.Whitmore
11. In The Madness R.McGeeney
12. Everybody R.McGeeney

   Bonus Tracks - Previously Unreleased
13. Chimes Of Freedom B.Dylan
      Originally produced by Per Frĝem
14. Strangers All Over Again T.Poole
15. Meet Me Lord (At The Bottom Of The Hill)
      Tracks 14-15
      Originally produced by Bob Parsons

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Produced and Mastered for CD by Tony Poole
Original Albums Produced by Dan Loggins
Design: Catherine Daines
Front Cover Concept: Michael Wackford
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