Starry Eyed And Laughing
                                 Starry Eyed & Laughing - 1st Album
Catalogue No.   Release Date Format
UK \ Europe: CBS 80450 October 1974 Vinyl LP (2 Pressings)\Cassette
USA: Import Only    

   Side 1
1. Going Down R.McGeeney
2. Closer To You Now ? R.McGeeney
      Pedal Steel - BJ Cole
3. Money Is No Friend Of Mine T.Poole
      Mandolin - Ray Jackson
4. Lady Came From The South T.Poole
5. Oh What ? T.Poole
      Piano - Russ Ballard
6. See Your Face McGeeney-Poole-Whitmore
      Bongos - Roy Carr
   Side 2
1. Nobody Home T.Poole
      Harpsichord - Peter Wood
2. 50/50 (Better Stop Now) I.Whitmore
3. Living In London McGeeney-Poole
4. Never Say Too Late I.Whitmore
      Pedal Steel - BJ Cole
5. In The Madness R.McGeeney
      Mouth Harp - Dan Loggins
6. Everybody R.McGeeney
Starry Eyed & Laughing: 1st LP Front cover
Produced by Dan Loggins
Recorded at CBS Studios, London · Engineer: Mike Ross Tape Operator: Mark Williams
Sleeve Design: Roslav Szaybo · Back: Simon Cantwell Photos · Front: Peter Lavery · Back: Mike Putland
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