Starry Eyed And Laughing

                        Katie Humble
True To Your Soul      

Katie Humble - True To Your Soul (Click to Buy)
Daughter of Derek Humble, the renowned alto saxophone player (Ronnie Scott was her Godfather),
Katie started singing when she was 17 in the hugely popular band A La Carte.
She was a founding member of Go West with Peter Cox and Richard Drummie. Together with Carole Cook she toured with Spandau Ballet, and recorded and toured with Curiosity Killed The Cat and Art Of Noise.
Later Katie and Carole moved to Italy where they enjoyed a successful career in their own right, as well as recording and touring with Raf, and appeared on Laura Pausini's album Le Cose Che Vivi along with Katie's husband Nick Holland, keyboard player on this album and artist in his own right - he wrote the song 'Can't Carry On' on the album and arranged the Raf song 'Anche Tu' which Katie sings in Italian.
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