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Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies - Comments
Many thanks to all who've commented !
NELSON BRAGG - Toluca Lake, California, USA - Singer and songwriter.
Member of both the Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys touring bands -
My second favorite album of 2012. It's very rootsy Americana and a bit country but amazing lyrics and fantastic arrangements. Peter cares about the poetry so much, it shows.
I am into the whole trip he and Tony Poole were on when they made the record.

RED SHUTTLEWORTH - Moses Lake, Washington, USA - Educator, Poet & Playright
I have had your album in my car and have been listening to it a lot. Some poignant stuff, some rockiní tunes, a great duo with Andrew Combs on Light at the End of the Line. Paul Zarzyski has to be elated with your Roadwork in the Boneyard. Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies is, indeed, a wonderful triumph. Take every ounce of pride in your achievement. Terrific!

DAN DUGMORE - Chapmansboro, Tennessee, USA - Pedal Steel Guitarist on Chrome Eagle Bus
Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies sounds great and you should be proud of it. Very cool songs and stories. Tony Poole did a great job and played some really cool parts. I have had it in my car and been listening to it. I did not expect you to use more than one steel track at a time but after a few times of listening I think it really works. Thanks for letting me be part of your album, it was really fun.

SARAH OVENDEN - Bellows Falls, Vermont, USA - Logistics Director/Production Manager - Roots on the Rails
I got a chance to have a good and thorough listen to your new CD. Itís such an impressive piece of work with really solid songwriting. I know you give Tony Poole a lot of credit for the musicality of it all, but my prediliction is always for the quality of the stories and imagery and you own all of that. There are many parts of my job I love, but watching yor creativity and artistry unfold over the years has been one of my favorites. I couldnít be more pleased for you.

TOM RUSSELL - El Paso, Texas, USA - Renowned singer and songwriter (
Just listened to Small Talk...quite a work! You're the singing Jack Kerouac of the favorites are Waylon and Hank, The Light at the End of the Line and Everything Else is Waiting, with my favorite Karl Wallenda line...a man whom I'm a fan of since I've befriended the great Freddy Nock in of the great wire walkers...and our quest for the crossing of Grand Canyon! Also like (Paul Zarzyski's) Roadwork in the Boneyard, of course...fine guitar picking throughout and great steel playing.....fine job.

ERIC TAYLOR - Weimar, Texas, USA - Another legendary singer & songwriter
Love the record. Such talent, such writing.....

THAD BECKMAN - Portland, Oregon - Guitar player on 4 songs
Been doing errands in the car listening to your CD again. Very nice Peter. Lots of really good stuff on there.

SPENCER CULLUM JR. - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - Pedal Steel on 4 songs.
Got the CD. Really glad I was part of it.
JEREMY FETZER - Nashville, Tennessee - Guitarist on Light at the End of the Line
Your CD sounds wonderful. Beth and I were jamming to it in the car yesterday. All the time and hard work paid off. Congratulations.
ANDREW COMBS - Nashville, Tennessee - Duet vocalist on The Light at the End of the Line
Sounds great!!!
RORY HANCOCK - Driftwood, Texas, USA - Lead Vocal on Moaniní of the Midnight Train
The album sounds fantastic and I give a lot of thanks to you and everyone part of it. They sure did a fantastic job. Thanks for letting me be a part of this whole shaboom.

MARTHA ROWLEY - Saxtons River, Vermont, USA
I treated myself to your CD on my trip over to Saragota Springs, NY. I pretty much only listen to CDs when Iím in my car; I need to change that. Anyway, what a wonderful recording. I enjoyed it very much. Well done, sir, well done. You should be proud!

CAROLYN GALE - Springfield, Washington, USA
Got Small Talk playing on my lap top. Yeah! Great job, Peter!!!! I am loviní it!
DANNY GEORGE WILSON - Carshalton, England - Leader of Danny & the Champions of the World
Your new album is brilliant!!! Well done guys - loving it.....
Played your CD twice last night. Really enjoying it. Going to carry on listening to it tonight, it's a real grower. I think this album will become a soundtrack to my life. It's a wonderful masterpiece.
LIN JONES - Manorbier, Wales
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. I love the mix and the mandolin and particularly enjoyed Waylon & Hank, Chalk on a Lamp Post, Bitterroot, Another Song and Dreams Keep You Alive.

JOHN TAYLOR - Glen Oaks, New York
My copy of Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies arrived today and what a wonderful surprise. Right off the bat I want to tell you your writing is absolutely extraordinary. You are up there with the best, Peter, and I mean that. And your vocals, too, are terrific...but it's your writing that floored me. I knew you were good from your previous CD, but you took this one to new heights and I am in awe. Congratulations. And I love the production...and hey...the musicians aren't bad either! And the photographs. A wonderful package. A treasure. And now you'll have to excuse me...I'm going to listen to it. For the third time!

- London, England - Editor of Bucketful of Brains music magazine
Peter O'Brien's charming album, full of lovely, sometimes bittersweet, songs and great playing from Wes McGhee, Tony Poole, Spencer Cullum Jr., Butch Hancock and more.
ADRIENNE EVANS - Driftwood, Texas - Rory Hancock's mother
I really love your new CD, Peter, and the graphics. The songs you write are amazing.
DEVON FLAHERTY - Glenshaw, Pennsylvania
The new album came in the mail today and I've already played it twice. I'm really loving it, some fantastic work on there. Sounds like you put a lot of time and effort in it! I'll be playing it many more times to come.
ERNIE HOPSEKER ( - Newport, Oregon
I must recommend purchasing Peter O'Brien's CD. The cheapest way is the digital version here (in the USA), or you can look it up on for a hard copy. After watching Nik Wallenda walk over Niagra Falls on the wire last night, 'Everything Else is Waiting' has been rattling around in my brain all day.

GRETCHEN PETERS - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - Acclaimed singer/songwriter -
Peter, only had time for one listen before we hit the road but it sounded great, and kudos for having Dugmore play on it. He's a gem.
BARRY WALSH - Nashville, Tennessee, USA -
We received your CD while we were on one of the many crazy trips this summer. Just had a chance to listen, and I wanted to tell you Bravo! Especially like the ode to my former boss, Waylon (& Hank). Great job getting Butch, Thad and Dugmore on it - the only guys I know besides you. The stories you tell are compelling, and it's like listening to a trip across America.
BARNES NEWBERRY - Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA - WMVY Radio, Martha's Vineyard
Love your latest album. The songs are very well crafted and delivered.
THOMAS CARNACCHIO - Valley Stream, New York
Just listened to the new CD .. GREAT!! Like the images the lyrics give. Not the usual "love songs" .. Instead great story songs .. And the players are terrific .. Great bunch of pickers .. It's on my MP3 player!!!
RAFFAELE GALLI (Buscadero) - Italy
Another great effort : Congratulations!! I wish it sells as it deserves. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
ROBIN BENNETT - Steventon, England (The Dreaming Spires)
Enjoyed listening to your album.
RICHARD DOBSON - Diessenhofen, Switzerland - Texan singer & songwriter
Congratulations on the record. Great job ... songs, arrangements, packaging.
HERMAN VAN REEKUM - Calgary, Ontario, Canada
Just got Peter's CD, Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies, and have been listening to it all afternoon. It's great. I love the songs, the arrangements and the quality of the music. Well done Peter!
BEN BLAKE - Jewett City, Connecticutt
Peter, LOVE the new CD! ! It's quietly becoming my favorite album of 2012, although the Beach Boys are giving you a good fight.
MIKE SPEECE - Eastsound, Washington - I love the new CD, been playing it daily in my shop. Very well done Peter O'Brien! Amazing back up musicians!!!"
PAUL RYBOLT - Yellow Springs, Ohio
This one is proving hard to get off the player. Great lyrics and superb playing. I loved the last CD and this one is it's equal. Great job, Peter.
WILLIAM KINRADE - Banstead, England - I just wanted to say, "What a brilliant album!" Most enjoyable.
GRAHAM COLE - Southampton, England - It's really great.
TAMARA GOOCH - Island Park, Idaho, USA - Cover photographer (
I received the CD. Love it!
BOB SMITH - Old Lyme, Connecticut, USA. Your new CD is great.
ALAN WILLIAMS - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I bought your album on iTunes several days ago. It's great - money well spent. Congrats on a superb job, not least rounding up so many great musicians to play on it.
COLIN HILL - Launceston, England
Just taken delivery of your new CD - very fine it is too. Good on ya! Stellar guest list too. The lyrics are very clever, can't help smiling aloud as I drive to and from work, a good way to begin and end the working day. Everything about it is just right (starting with the delightful cover pic). You should be very proud. Looking forward to the next one.....
JOE BISCONTINI - Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, USA
I just bought Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies. Hot damn! There's a lot of really good stuff on this! Did you realize that?
TOM CRAIG - Motherwell, Scotland
Thought I'd drop you a note to say how much I've been enjoying your CD - great title!!! It's a great piece of work of which you can be truly proud.
JUAN ESCAURIAZA - Madrid, Spain (Juan is a wonderful artist - check his
Received your CD today. Absolutely fantastic record, very very honest country music. I love it, too many years since I heard something so good.
DAVIS INMAN - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Contributing Editor @ American Songwriter Magazine
Just wanted to write to say I've been really enjoying your album. The production is top-notch and the songwriting is really great. I'm a big Mark Knopfler fan. I hear a bit of that in your singing and songwriting style.
FRANK COOK - Warner Robins, Georgia, USA
Listened to your CD yesterday, Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies, awesome title. My favorite songs were Chalk on a Lamp Post, Light at the End of the Line, That Box and Another Song, although all were good.
BUFFY FORD STEWART - San Anselmo, California, USA
I received your record and really love it. What a great record!
BRUCE MADGE - Thornton Heath, England
It's a great album - you certainly got some good musicians and I love the songs.

JOE RAY SKRHA - Kenai, Alaska, USA. Mom and I listened to your CD all the way from Cleveland to our lake in Michigan. Mom played it twice. You have such a way with women.....
WILL BIRCH - Southend-on-Sea, England - Author, drummer, songwriter -
Digging your latest album.
SHARRON REED - Austin, Texas, USA. Replay stuck on 'Everything Else is Waiting.'
ERIC TEMPLE - Ogden, Utah, USA - Filmmaker: Owner/Operator at Highway 89 Media -
It's a great listen. Loved it! 'The Light at the End of the Line' is my favorite so far. Many thanks and congratulations.
HEATHER HAFLEIGH - Berkeley, California, USA.
Finally listened to your whole CD this morning. You have some great songwriting there, and musicianship. Especially love the pedal steel and mandolin. My faves...'Big Sky,' 'Dreams Keep You Alive' (I dream about my Dad too), 'Another Song,' 'Everything Else is Waiting,' is the strongest song lyrically, I think. Love the line about "The wire is life....." Anyway, congrats on a great piece of work.
BILL KNOEDELSEDER - Woodland Hills, California, USA - Author and journalist.
The CD arrived and I love it. Great songs, great players. You should be proud. I particularly like Rock City Barns because I saw those signs all through my youth in the rural Midwest, but never went to Rock City.
NUNO SANTOS - Cascais, Portugal - Poet and writer.
The CD is magnificent. I've listened to it twice in the three hour drive from Coimbra on Tuesday and haven't stopped listening since. The brilliant guitar playing only complements your terrific lyrics. The steel guitar playing is phenomenal as well. It's a great album that I'll be glad to add to my favorites list. Your voice is a wonderful/soulful companion to take us on the road through the American landscape.
COLIN KENRICK - Bell Canyon, California, USA - Singer/Songwriter Got your CD, Peter, and it's wonderful.