Starry Eyed And Laughing
3-Jul-74    High Wycombe Town Hall High Wycombe Capability Brown
5-Jul-74    Mander College Bedford Eclection · Change
6-Jul-74    Surrey Uni Open Air - afternoon Guildford Global Village Trucking Co.
6-Jul-74    Wallington High School Wallington Dorris Henderson
   Arranged by Peter O'Brien, editor of the famed Omaha Rainbow magazine
   John Walters - John Peel's producer - came, and booked a session on Top Gear
14-Jul-74    Tythe Farm House Harrow
18-Jul-74     BBC Radio Top Gear with John Peel London
28-Jul-74     Capital Radio - Robbie Barish Night Flight ... a 6 hour live session starting at midnight
28-Jul-74    Greyhound Fulham
30-Jul-74    100 Club London
5-Aug-74    Rainbow Rooms Biba's London Ronettes Keith Richards in front row
10-Aug-74    Friars Aylesbury Jonathan Kelly's Outside
15-Aug-74    Granary Club Bristol
18-Aug-74    Roundhouse London Stackridge,Kevin Coyne Band, Sassafras, Al Matthews
27-Aug-74    100 Club London
31-Aug-74    Bottleneck Club Star Inn Guildford
  That afternoon the band had watched and hung out
with Roger McGuinn at his free concert in Hyde Park,
  barely making it to their own gig that evening  
1-Sep-74    Bath Festival Bath Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers
5-Sep-74    CBS UK Convention Eastbourne Leonard Cohen · Russ Ballard
  Continuing to gig whilst recording their 1st album - begun on the 20th August and completed and mixed on Oct 5th in a total of 14 sessions
- the band played at the record company convention, with hero Leonard Cohen, and Russ Ballard, who would guest on rock'n'roll piano ...
7-Sep-74    Union Hall Brighton
8-Sep-74    Open Air Festival Bromley
13-Sep-74    Pavillion Club Cheltenham
20-Sep-74    High Wycombe College Of Art High Wycombe
21-Sep-74    Frenchman's Motel Fishguard
23-Sep-74    Aston Uni Birmingham
24-Sep-74    100 Club London
27-Sep-74    Locarno Ballroom Sunderland
28-Sep-74    Alsager College Alsager
               Concerts : July - September 1974
Roger McGuinn
SE&L at the CBS Convention Eastbourne 1974 (Photo:Tom Sheehan)   SE&L at the CBS Convention Eastbourne 1974 (Photo:Tom Sheehan)