Starry Eyed And Laughing
                   Junked Cars & Beat Up Guitars - Credits
Peter O'Brien in the studio
Track List
1) Six-One-Five (T.Poole)
2) Junked Cars (P.O'Brien\T.Poole\P.Frame)
3) Beat Up Old Guitar (P.O'Brien\T.Poole)
4) Lost and Found (P.O'Brien)
5) Bob Dylan's Hands (P.O'Brien\T.Poole)
6) The Night Bill Haley Came to Town (P.O'Brien\M.Roadnight)
7) Jess (P.O'Brien)
8) Skiffle Kings (P.O'Brien\M.Roadnight)
9) Townes Van Zandt's Jacket (P.O'Brien\T.Poole)
10) Ice Cold Coke (P.O'Brien\M.Roadnight)
11) Santa Fe Freight (P.Frame)
12) Old Rivers and Slow Moving Trains* (P.O'Brien\T.Poole)
13) Bob Gibson, Elvis and Me (T.Poole)
14) Common Bloodlines (P.O'Brien\M.Roadnight)

All lyrics by Peter O'Brien.
* Song title courtesy of John Stewart
Music on 1, 2, 5, 9, 12 & 13 by Tony Poole
Music on 3 by Tony Poole and Peter O'Brien
Music on 4 & 7 by Peter O'Brien
Music on 6, 8, 10 & 14 by Mark Roadnight & Peter O'Brien
Trains on 2 & 11 recorded by Pete Frame in Buda, Texas
All songs 2009 Aurora Music

Peter O'Brien (Lead & Harmony vocals, Acoustic guitar)
Tony Poole (Electric & Acoustic guitars, Bass guitar, Harmony vocals)
Harry Arthur (Drums, Harmony vocals) Cody West (Keyboards)

For the years of friendship and inspiration my thanks go to Barry Ballard, Dave Batti, Richard Dobson,
Pete Frame, Corky Gordon, Michael Martin, Wes McGhee, Tom Russell, Ian Tyson and Paul Zarzyski
Thanks to Mark Roadnight for his encouragement and musical input
and to Steve Wild and his crew at Martin Phelps Music (
Above all, heartfelt thanks to Tony Poole who recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, produced and musically masterminded this entire project